Celebrity trainer Kit Rich knows a thing (or a million) about keeping fit on the go. For over a decade she has built her career traveling with clients as they go on tour or on set, and it is her job not only to keep her clients fit and healthy on the road, but herself as well. Well-known for her multidisciplinary approach, Kit carries equipment with her that she can take anywhere and use for all of her varying routines. The result of years of curating workouts while on the road or in clients’ homes, she is able to pack all of her key equipment into a small bag. A small bag that weighs less than two pounds.

In addition, whenever Kit came home from the road, her other clients would say to her that they wished they could take “Kit with me.” Even though there are countless workouts on YouTube, most complained that it is hard to find someone they trust, and it takes more time to find good workouts than to actually do them. Plus, they loved doing her workouts with her equipment, and didn’t want to lose their momentum when away.

So Kit was challenged to solve a very specific problem. How could she provide not just to her clients, but everyone, efficient and effective workouts with her favorite equipment, so that they could always train anywhere?

Thus, KICHGO was born.

Kit doesn’t believe in hype. She isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel. She believes in simplicity and quality. With this tried and true equipment, effective workouts, and the right motivation, you can stay consistent with a trainer you can trust anywhere in the world. Whether it’s in your living room or in your hotel. NO more excuses. Let’s go!


Kit Rich is a nationally recognized Pilates expert, fitness professional, published writer, and speaker. She is known for her honest and practical approach to living a healthy lifestyle.

She works with a long list of celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence and Kesha, and has toured internationally with them. She was named one of the top five trainers in Los Angeles by SHAPE magazine, a top “Female Badass Trainer” by PopSugar, and made it to the top twenty of Oprah’s “Be The Next TV Star.” She was also one of the top five national finalists for Women’s Health magazine’s “Next Fitness Star.”

Kit has starred in numerous workout videos, and has been featured for her work on fitness and body acceptance in print and on TV. She has been hired to work with and write for brands such as Lucy Activewear, PopSugar, REI, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Kelloggs, the W Hotel, Avalon Hotel, Phillips and Jeep.

“KICHGO is the culmination of everything I’ve done and everything I’ve worked for. All of it. And it’s just the beginning. Thanks for going on this journey with me!”