If you’ve ever taken yoga classes with Rachel Grant Jackson in Los Angeles, you would remember. Simply put, her energy stays with you.

In bustling Los Angeles, where Yogis are a dime a dozen, Rachel Grant Jackson has established herself as one of the most knowledgeable, down-to-earth, and inspiring instructors around. With a client list that includes A-list celebrities, she’s a big fish in a big pond, so to speak.

Rachel’s angle is more practical than most. She focuses on form, how certain poses should make you feel, and she’s a big proponent of self-mastery. Not to mention, she’s not afraid to give it to you straight.

When meeting her for the first time, you might be struck by her bright blue eyes juxtaposed against her olive skin. Or you might be drawn in by her warm smile and grounded demeanor. But after one yoga class, you are left with an overwhelming sense of well-being. And that is exactly how Rachel wants it. She wants it to be about you. She wants you to feel good. That’s her mission.

As a full-time working mom to a 3-year-old and wife to her entrepreneur husband, it’s no wonder that Rachel is always on the go. Rachel has expanded her business to include intimate retreats in Italy, an in-depth online program called Rachel Grant Jackson Movement, and her most recent addition…KICHGO yoga teacher. I met up with this busy mom at one of her fave coffee shops in Culver City where we chatted about inspiration, practicalities of life, and where she wants to GO.

Read on to find out more about Rachel and make sure to try her KICHGO yoga routines!


Rachel, when do you feel the most empowered and in your body? When do you feel the most beautiful?

I feel the most empowered in my body post Savasana (the resting pose at the end of the yoga practice). To be 100% honest and completely superficial, I feel the most beautiful when my hair is brushed and even more beautiful when it’s done: blown out or wavy…doesn’t really matter.

How has being a mom changed you? How do you balance work, friendships, being a wife and mom?

Balance????? Ha! It’s the biggest challenge in my life, but I don’t think it’s just because I’m a mom. I think most women struggle to balance the important aspects of our lives: friends, work, romance, and parenting. We are multi-taskers by nature and incredibly capable beings. We can have everything we want , we just can’t have everything. I believe we all must get very clear about what is most important to us and put all our energy towards those aspects of our life. Being discerning with my time is the biggest change since becoming a mom. My “No” became clearer the second I became a mother.

As a busy working mom in Los Angeles, what restaurant do you go to get a healthy and quick meal or snack? What’s your favorite dish? What are the health benefits to it?

YES…let’s talk about FOOD. I love to cook, and I make most of my food. I am armed with snacks at all times. I love an Urth Salad at Urth Caffe because it’s big, hearty,and loaded with protein and veggies. The grain bowl at Le Pain Quotidien is my other go to on-the-go meal, it’s hearty and filling. I sometimes even grab it for breakfast. The Factory Kitchen downtown or Triple Beam Pizza in Highland Park are restaurants I love to frequent and even though they might not be traditionally healthy meals, they make me happy and sometimes happy is the most important component to being healthy.

When you travel, is it mainly for work or for play? Tell us one of your favorite travel memories.

Right now, I travel mostly for work. One of my favorite travel memories is from my last retreat to Umbria. The people, the food, the yoga, it was all divine. Our last night there we shared a torch-lit walk up to the medieval abbey at the edge of the property. Once there, below the starry sky, we talked and drank and had time to soak in the depth of our collective experience. It was lovely.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you do there?

I dream about a trip to Tokyo and Kyoto. I have never been to Japan. I want to see the temples during cherry blossom season, see a Kabuki theater performance, and shop for denim.

How do you stay healthy while traveling? Do you bring anything with you that is your must-have?

My must-have travel list is short: motorcycle boots, at least one yoga outfit, a stack of New Yorker magazines, and essential oils (frankincense, lavender, rose, elemi and, if there is a time difference, a blend of blue chamomile for sleeping).

When you are home and busy being an badass entrepreneur, mom, friend wife–how do you find the time to workout? How often do you workout and do you only do yoga?

I do not only do yoga. I learned a long time ago that I need to move my body in many different ways. But I only do exercise I like. In any given week, I’ll practice yoga two times solo at home, take two yoga classes, spin at SoulCycle once, run the stairs in Santa Monica, hike Fryman Canyon, or take a Pilates class. Being able to practice yoga at home has been a life saver for me ever since my baby was born. All of the classes on my website are 30 minutes, so most of my home practices are only 30 minutes long. Now that I can’t always indulge in daily 90-minute yoga classes, I have learned to be more efficient in my workouts, and I can get everything I need in 30 minutes.

What has being a Yoga teacher taught you? How have you evolved as a teacher?

Being a yoga teacher has taught me to see beauty in our differences and celebrate people as they are. When I first started teaching, I felt the need to prove my knowledge. I don’t feel that need anymore. I know what I know. I know what has worked for many bodies over the course of 15 years, and I don’t need to prove myself. As a result, my teaching is so specific and clearly rooted in both alignment and philosophy.

Do you have a life mantra? What is it?

There are two purposes in life: to serve and to create.

Top 3 things on your bucket list.

  1. Travel to Japan.
  2. Buy land and build a country house.
  3. Become a CIA operative.

When people train with you, you hope they…(finish this statement)

I hope they feel inspired to live their best life.

Ski slopes or ocean : Ski slopes
Road trip or plane : Plane
Quick getaway or long vacation : Long Vacation
Coffee or nap: Coffee
Wine or margarita : MARGARITA!!!!
Early riser or stay up late : Early Riser. Oy, I’m an early riser. But I’d rather stay up late 🙂
Packed schedule or light schedule : Packed schedule!!!!
Meditate or Workout : BOTH!!!!!!!!! Please everyone, start meditating. 🙂
Veggies or Fruit : Veggies
White walls in the house or bright colors : White walls with vibrant art on the walls

To learn more about Rachel visit:
Instagram: @rachelgrantjackson