GO everywhere.

TRAIN anywhere.




Simple. It’s a big gym in a little bag. A bag that weighs less than 2 pounds! A bag that will fit it inside your backpack, your purse, your suitcase—you name it.

WHAT do you get with KICHGO?

You will be amazed at what fits into this little bag. Your KICHGO is packed full of tried and true equipment that can be used for Pilates, Circuit Training, HIIT, Tabata, and Yoga routines. But wait, there’s more.

Created and curated by celebrity trainer, Kit Rich , you get 20 downloadable videos of varying lengths and styles that are tailor-made for the equipment inside the KICHGO bag.

WHY choose KICHGO?

KICHGO believes in making fitness attainable for everyone, by keeping it simple and helping you achieve consistency with your workouts ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE YOU GO. Providing the perfect equipment in a compact bag along with effective workouts that can be downloaded to your phone or iPad, KICHGO makes it easy to workout at home or

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